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We provide legal advice and representation to economically disadvantaged communities of color who are engaged in social change efforts.

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We highlight and uplift communities advancing their political, social, and economic rights through multiple forms of media.

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Recent News

  • Youth Justice Project Releases SRO Recommendations

    Perry Miniatures Agincourt Mounted Knights 1415-1429 28mm War Knight

  • Equal Justice Works Fellow Joins SCSJ to Support Justice-Involved Voters

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  • Voting Rights Advocates Call for Federal Oversight of Future Redistricting in Texas

  • Panzer Grenadier Elsenborn Ridge Board Game by Avalanche Press

    Voting Rights Groups Object to Rushed Redraw of Precincts by State Elections Board

  • Thousand Suns RPG Core Book Out of Print Rogue Games
  • Federal Court Order Now Requires Durham County to Comply with New Policies Regarding Youth Held in Custody

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  • SCSJ Urges Tennessee Lawmakers to Abandon Pursuit of Unconstitutional Restrictions on Voter Registration Programs

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